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Electronic ignition for 12V ETZ 125 - 301 motorcycles

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Replacement electronic ignition and coil unit for all 12V 2-stroke ETZ125/150, ETZ250/251/301 motorcycles.


Please note, this unit does NOT replace the original generator.

It needs the original 3-phase generator as a base and offers a new electronic pickup to replace either the existing contact breaker or electronic pickup units, such as the ESE and PVL units.


This unit is designed for German built MZ machines fitted with a rotor with original MZ graphite slip rings.


Please note that the later Turkish produced Kanuni machines were fitted with different rotors, often with copper rings.


The sensor for this ignition system needs a certain direction of magnetic field in which it operates. This field is created by the rotor.


Unfortunately over the years there have been more than one version of rotor and with it field. For a properly working system we will have to know the direction of the field in your generator.


The direction of the magnetic field is determined as follows:

You will need a compass, any simple type will do. You do not need to uninstall the generator, you need not even open the magneto cover of the engine. Start the engine, switch on your headlights and let the engine run at about half speed with the bike stationary. Now hold the compass next to the outside of the right hand side engine cover and watch the needle.


If it shows with its pointed end towards the engine all is ok. If the needle points away from the motor, you need to replace the sensor S01 with the sensor S03, otherwise your ignition coil will burn. If this is the case, please contact us and we can supply you with the correct sensor kit instead.


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